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Differences among PE, PP and Po Plastic bags

Release time:2022-05-13Views: 445

Dongguan PE plastic bag, PP plastic bag and PO plastic bag difference: PE and PP is the English abbreviation of raw materials. PE, whose chemical name is linear polyethylene, is divided into two types. One is high density linear polyethylene, which is usually called PO- HDPE, and the other is low density linear polyethylene, which is usually called PE- LDPE. In fact, the low density linear polyethylene is also divided into two kinds. LDPE and LLDPE(we will call them main material and auxiliary material respectively, but when making plastic bags, the two should be used together). The chemical name of PP is polypropylene. There is no more detailed distinction. When signing the contract, there are three kinds of raw materials: LDPE/LLDPE/PP. The finished product is PE plastic bag (PO plastic bag is no export name) and PP plastic bag.

Bubble bag, bone bag raw materials are PE material, that is, LDPE and LLDPE synthetic materials, like plastic bags used in general factories are PE plastic bags, such as electronics factory, electrical factory, hardware factory, plastic factory, clothing factory, shoe factory and so on.

PE plastic bags are widely used. The film used by farmers in spring ploughing is also made of PE. PE plastic bags look transparent, feel smooth, soft sound is not loud and have good toughness (this is the role of LLDPE).

And PP plastic bags are mostly used for gift packaging, as well as finished clothing sales. The new clothes we buy are packaged in plastic bags and have a layer of double-sided plastic sealing products, which is usually PO plastic bags.

PP plastic bag is very transparent, feel very slippery, but very hard, loud and brittle, fold it in half will have creases, fold PE plastic bag is not. Because of the transparency, the gift can be wrapped in a high grade way. PP plastic bags are similar to PO plastic bags, but not as transparent as PO, so PP plastic bags have more advantages than PO plastic bags in price.