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Differences between common plastic bag materials

Release time:2022-05-13Views: 461

The differences between the common plastic bag materials are as follows:

1.PE plastic bag material:

Material body is soft, transparency is not as high as other materials, more Mongolian, good tension, not easy to explode.

2.PP plastic bag material:

The material body is hard, high transparency, clear, the tension is not very good, easy to burst.

3.PO plastic bag material:

The material body is brittle, the transparency is not high enough, a little white, the tension is general.

4.OPP plastic bag material:

The material body is the most brittle, the highest transparency, tension is not enough, the most easy to burst, and printing is also easy to decolorize.

5.PVC plastic bag material:

The material body has soft and hard, can be ordered according to the required material; Transparency can also be required to order materials, because there are super transparent materials, ordinary materials and sand grinding materials three. Good tensile force, not easy to tear, also not easy to explode mouth, because the two layers of material is a machine beer together.