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How to solve the environmental protection problem of plastic bags?

Release time:2022-05-13Views: 418

Plastic bags are widely used because of their advantages of light, durable, waterproof, insulation and low cost, but there are also many environmental problems caused by the material problems of plastic products. At present, the country attaches great importance to the waste of plastic products, and the recycling and reduction of plastic products from two aspects to environmental protection.

According to trade statistics, we can see that people depend a great deal on plastic bags. Plastic bags are still widely used everywhere, and even the recommended commercially available trash bags are made of plastic. However, a closer look reveals that the bags are printed with instructions. The most common one is "this bag will not produce toxic material even if burned", while non-combustible plastic products are also printed with instructions to remind consumers to separate their waste.

In fact, plastic bags, as they were commonly called, are made of ethyl chloride, which produces toxic gases when burned and is now rarely used. The most common "plastic bags" on the market are made of ethylene, etc. When burned, they turn into water and carbonic acid, which do not produce toxic substances. Therefore, they can be incinerated, not polluted by landfill treatment, and can also be used as waste power generation or heating energy.

In order to reduce waste, packaging container waste management from consumers, towns and practitioners of the three aspects:

1. In terms of practitioners, it is expressly stipulated by law that relevant operators have the obligation to recycle resource containers and must print classified identification patterns of materials and resource recycling on the packaging containers;

2. The town has the duty of garbage sorting and collection;

3. Consumers are obliged to comply with the provisions on waste reduction and classification.

The recycling of plastic bags is a very common situation at present, many families have taken supermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and other places to use combustible shopping plastic bags as garbage bags. Some newspapers will also send daily transparent plastic bag recycling, by the manufacturer to make other resources used.