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Correct selection of plastic bags for food packaging can ensure food hygiene

Release time:2022-05-13Views: 407

With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's level of clothing, food, housing and transportation, of course, the pursuit of food is more and more high, from just to satisfy hunger before, into today's pursuit of both color, smell and taste. Apart from the fixed three meals a day, people's consumption of snacks is also quite shocking.

From getting up early to staying up late, people consume a lot of food in a day. Plastic food bags are often seen. In addition, as more and more people love baking and cooking, the number of individuals buying plastic food packaging bags is growing. However, many friends in the purchase and use of food packaging plastic bags often into the wrong idea, today to teach you how to get rid of the wrong idea, the correct selection and use of food packaging plastic bags.

First, buy and use of food packaging plastic bags of the three wrong ideas

1, love to buy colorful food packaging plastic bags

Food packaging plastic bags is a great variety of colors, a lot of friends in purchases to * easily by color is gorgeous, but the color of food packaging, the greater the brighter the additive will therefore proposed to choose the single color packing bag for food, although the ornamental value is reduced, but eventually touch is channel, safety factor is the * key.

2, love to collect old food packaging plastic bags for repeated use

Many small partners, especially the elderly in order to save resources, used to store old food packaging plastic bags, this kind of routine practice, in fact, is very bad for safety, can not be used.

3, food packaging plastic bags thicker = better

The higher the thickness, the better the quality of the plastic bag? In fact, packaging bags often have strict specifications, especially in food packaging plastic bags, in accordance with the provisions of quality is qualified, and the size of the thickness is irrelevant.

Two, how to choose the correct food packaging plastic bag

1. Do not buy food with unclear packaging and printing. Rub the packaging bag with clear printing and packaging by hand.

2. Smell. Don't buy plastic food bags that are pungent and pungent.

3. Use white plastic bags for food.

Although it is suggested to replace plastic with other environmentally friendly packaging, it is suggested to avoid bright red and grey and black plastic bags as much as possible when it must be used. Because colored plastic bags will be manufactured by purchasing remanufactured raw materials, or by using natural stones and rough processed products that have not been decontaminated, they are very easy to become invalid, moldy, insect-infested or contaminated, thus contaminate food.

4, good food grade paper packaging

Paper packaging is the future trend of packaging, recycled paper is also colored plastic, not suitable for use in the food industry. Ordinary paper materials for some reasons will add preservatives, so when buying food paper packaging must be good at food grade.

"Safety on the tip of the tongue" how careless? For our body safety, please buy food packaging plastic bags produced by regular manufacturers and reviewed by relevant departments.