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What is a composite packaging bag?

Release time:2022-05-13Views: 467

Composite packaging is two or more than two kinds of materials, after one or more dry composite process and combined together, so as to form a certain function of composite packaging. It can be divided into basic layer, functional layer and heat sealing layer. The base is beautiful, printing, moisture resistance and so on. Such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, MT, KOP, KPET and so on; The functional layer mainly plays the role of barrier and light protection, such as VMPET, AL, EVOH, PVDC, etc. The heat sealing layer is in direct contact with the packaging goods, with adaptability, permeability resistance, good heat sealing, transparency, daylight and other functions, such as LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, CPP, VMCPP, EVA, EAA, E-MAA, EMA, EBA and so on.

Composite flexible packaging materials should be made into various packaging bags can be used. There are two ways to make bags, one is the use of packaging manufacturers using film in automatic packaging machine filling, and molding packaging into a variety of bags; The other is due to the bag-making mechanism into a variety of packaging bags and then fill the contents. Because the professional bag control is accurate, the bag type is beautiful, the bag changes greatly, the bag type is many, therefore, in quite a lot of cases, the bag is made first. The main varieties of bags are: three-sided sealing bags (palm sealing bags), back sealing bags, folding (organ bags), upright bags and so on.