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The weather may be dire and the thought of hitting the snooze button is in your mind… yes, you have realised it, its Monday! Don’t let the January blues get you down, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and think of the positives instead.


Ever had the thought that the reason for why you may feel so sluggish? You have cut out the Chocolate and sweets and the offering of cake at work is so tempting! Why not try fruit, sugar-free jelly and swap sugar for sweeteners in your next hot drink!

Download some tunes!

Download some of your favourite happy songs from Deezer or Spotify! Choose Happy uplifting music rather than those slow ballads as it may not be the be the best motivator! Nothing wrong with a bit of listening to Guilty Pleasures! (Reach for the Stars by S-Club 7!)

Forward Planning

You may not be loving Monday, but you could look to turn that around and arrange a shopping trip, catch up with a friend you have not seen for a while or if you have the pennies after Christmas you could look to book a holiday or arrange a night out with those you have not seen in a while!

Problem Shared…

If you’re worried about a problem whether this is personal, work, financial, physically or mentally it’s best to share! Lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of productivity all derive from when you’re stressed.

Remember you’re not alone… everyone has a down day! Seek help from professionals if required or pick up the phone to speak to your close friends or family and see if they can help you! You could undertake activities such as painting, Colouring, Yoga, writing and exercise can help.

Keep on Moving!

Exercise makes you feel happier, increases your energy levels and makes you feel more motivated! We are not saying to crack out a HIIT workout in the middle of the office but cycling, walking to work or even a quick swim, dance or even star jumps are scientifically proven to induce happiness.

New Role?

If your current job is getting you down and your passion for the role has since subsided, maybe it’s worth re-reviewing your trusted CV, (Refer to our CV Tips on our website for assistance) update your skills and look at what transferable skills you could use in a potential new role? Or you may wish to retrain- contact your local College provider for possible courses, or contact the National Careers Service for further assistance

If you’re seeking a new role get in contact with Harvey Richmond on: 0117 203 3399 or email a copy of your CV to: recruitment@harveyrichmond.com