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Job at Christmas

Is the Christmas period a good time to look to employ new colleagues?

Job hunters are now using the free time around Christmas to seek new employment ready for the new year. There is less competition from other candidates and this allows more time to narrow down the best possible fit for your business.


Employing around Christmas will also allow you to use up your 2017 employment budget, ensuring you start the new year with a fresh set of colleagues with new ideas and skill sets. Joining at a slower time of year will also allow the new colleague to start the year afresh after a break from their last job and away from work. This is a great time to effectively train and introduce them to the company.

A fresh start

It is important at the beginning of the year to get ahead and ensure you start the year with the right team to reach your business goals. Alongside this, candidates will have more time to look for jobs over the Christmas break and new year so now is the time to push for any opportunities you have available.


Get in the Christmas spirit. Networking is key to meet possible candidates, attending local events and even with friends and family. What better way to start rubbing elbows, making new connections and reconnecting with the contacts you’ve not seen in a while?

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