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When you look for a new role what do you choose as the deal breakers for you when you come to apply for a new role?

Primarily number 1 is the job itself, you would not want to work in a role that would not be of interest to you! But what other aspects make you choose to work for an organisation?

Is the higher scale salary your top priority?

– You may feel undervalued and overworked for what you achieve daily and you may consider looking for another competitor that can offer a high payer grade to your current employer.


– Are there further opportunities to develop your career such as training or potential opportunities to advance into a senior position?
Do you wish to change your career path completely? Possibly looking to re-train and the role advertised offers this. This is a good way to develop your skills alongside working in a full-time role.


– Does the new organisation offer better rewards such as longer periods of holiday, discounts, childcare vouchers, company car or encourage flexible working?

Pension and Healthcare

– Does your current employer provide a low rate pension scheme? If your concerned about retirement or your health you may consider a company that offers a private healthcare scheme and better pension plan.

Recommended by Friends

– what a great way to gain insight into a company than by hearing first hand? Great feedback from those you know can provide a positive perspective of an organisation.

Company Values

– You may wish to work for a company that values what you value such as a corporate social responsibility for the environment / provide great customer service.

Work Environment

– You may wish to work for a company that encourages social gatherings and employee interaction and provide a welcoming family environment.
At the end of the day we are all individual with different reasons as why we choose to work for an organisation, choose to change role after giving time for consideration. At Harvey Richmond we can help you to move forward with your career development.

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