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The Harvey Richmond team attended the Quadrant Construction workshop on the 25th January. The opportunity was advertised to the wider professionals within the Construction Industry.

Topics discussed at the Engine Shed were the skills gap in the industry from recent graduates to those close to retiring. Phil from Maitland QS discussed aspects such as the skills shortage has increased from 2012 within Construction.

With the recent large-scale projects in the UK such as the Hinkley project and the Hs2 and Manchester Airport, there is a cause for concern that those highly skilled workers will leave a shortfall in the market.

Phil also discussed the impact of Brexit upon the industry and the impacts of the loss of workers from the EU it will make on the industry especially with Brexit coming into effect in 2019. The market is affected also by the location of particular roles. Workers see a salary offered in London the same as a salary being offered outside of London, which impacts heavily on the market.

Is now the time to consider in putting further training and advertising careers within the industry and helping SME’s to develop their skill set further? Aspects such as Apprenticeship levy and grants should help gain further training and development opportunities.

The topic then changed to the lack of awareness within Schools and Universities and how this needs to change. Maybe we need to promote other avenues other than degrees for those put off from getting into debt at the end of their qualification or even providing more work experience opportunities.

With Schools, we need to implement new ideas and open up the vast opportunities within the industry, this is slowly changing, however, some employers that attended gave feedback that within Design and Technical such as Architecture there is an increase of staff.

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