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Attracting the best workforce is essential for any business. With a huge number of similar businesses bidding to attract the same talent, the major decision factor comes down to the brand – which business best represents the candidate’s values, and appears to be a strong career move?

To attract the best workforce, how can you raise your business position and showcase yourself as the employer of choice?

Harvey Richmond can provide tailored advice on how to review your internal factors which can improve your recruitment process.

For any organisation looking to establish itself as a great place to work should address these key points;

It is also important to take an outside look on how your business is viewed in the wider community. Your CSR activities are a key role in ensuring your business is an attractive business to work for. Attending or sponsoring local events, being involved with local education and charity fundraisers for example.

You can undertake surveys to evaluate your current position and help identify your unique USP’s which will make you stand out from the competition. It is important to clearly outline the benefits available to employees – Do you offer healthcare benefits, free parking, flexible working or a good pension scheme?

The vision and values of your organisation should be reflected across all your communication platforms, not just during the recruitment process. Talk about the history and story of the organisation, why do you do what you do? Getting this right will ensure that you employ people with similar values who are motivated to achieve your vision.

Prospective employees will also research your business, so ensure all of your social media, blogs and website are kept up to date with relevant news, information and career opportunities.

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If you don’t have the time or resources to manage these factors effectively, Harvey Richmond can provide a tailored recruitment service for your business.

Harvey Richmond is committed to understanding the job role and matching the right candidate both in skills and culture, as well as a genuine desire to meet the expectations and aspirations of candidates.

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